Becoming a foster parent

Thinking about becoming a foster parent? Is it a right decision for you?

Connect with us, we have been doing this for the past 30 years!

We celebrate diversity and individuality. Our foster parents come from a wide range of backgrounds and we welcome people of any race, religion and sexual orientation. We welcome people with NO experience needing more extensive training. We seek experienced, therapeutic individuals for our highly paid, high needs homes.

Ready to join us?

Whether you’re eager to start your journey or just have a few questions about fostering,
e-mail us at or call: 1-905-453-4270



Individuals who are compassionate, committed, patient, understanding and energetic

At Cornerstone, we celebrate diversity and welcome people from all backgrounds. As long as you’re able to provide stability to a child or young person in need, then you could make a great foster parent.

What do I need to become a foster parent?

Experience in the mental health field is valued and reworded; however, you don’t need qualifications or experience to be a foster parent, many people choose fostering after raising a family or they are looking for change in their life. What counts is that you’re passionate about changing a child’s life and eager to make a difference.

However, there are a few things you’ll need to foster with Cornerstone:

You need to be over the age of 21

You need a spare bedroom or be willing to live in our home.

You’ll need to be available to foster full-time (if married, one parent will need to be home full time)

You need to have Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status and no criminal record.

You need a valid driver’s license

You need to be healthy and free of any communicable diseases

We are actively seeking highly qualified foster parents/families for intensive home-based care

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